Social Responsibility

Projects Jafora is taking a part in:

The adoption of the 890 battalion of paratroopers
As part of Jafora’s activities for the community, the company participates in the “Adopt a Fighter” project of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers. Jafora adopts the 890th Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade and expresses its appreciation to the soldiers for their dedication and hard work to defend the borders of the country throughout the year. The activity includes support for individual soldiers, financial assistance to soldiers and their families who need it, and involvement in activities in order to raise their spirits. Jafora-Tavori also contributes from the company’s products to all of the battalion’s activities. The company’s managers maintain direct contact with the battalion commanders to determine priorities in the distribution of the budget. These activities are coordinated and are subject to IDF guidelines and principles.
Ametz lohem website

Partnership and contribution to the nonprofit organization “Etgarim”

“Etgarim” is a nonprofit organization that works to rehabilitate physically, mentally and socially, children, youth and adults, through extreme sports activities. “Etgarim” advocates equal opportunity and believes that members of the organization can be and live like everyone else. Jafora welcomes the initiative and is proud to take part in the extreme sports activities for children and members of “Etgarim”.
Etgarim Website

Contribution to the Israel Cancer Association – Project “Spark of Hope

The children’s struggle against the disease results in prolonged absences from school. The “Spark of Hope” project enables children with cancer who are absent from school for a long period of time to complete their studies at home, at the pace of their personal progress through tutors. Jafora – sponsors tutors for these children and thus tries to help the children continue to maintain the routine of their studies while coping with their illness.
Spark of Hope – website

Donation to the Heart Institute of Tel Hashomer Hospital

For the past few years Jafora has donated to the Heart Institute at Tel Hashomer Hospital. The support enables funding for a training stipend for a cardiac cardiology specialist.

Donation to “Make a Wish” Foundation

“Make a wish” is part of an international organization, whose mission is fulfilling the wishes of children between the ages of 3-18 with the life-threatening disease. “Make a wish” aims to give the child and his family positive experiences of hope, strength and joy during this difficult period in their lives. Jafora – Tabori proud to take part and be involved in fulfilling the dreams of children.
“Make a Wish Foundation” website

Collaboration with Studio & JOY

Studio & JOY employes people with special needs to weave flowers, design gifts and creating gift baskets. Jafora – Tabori purchases throughout the year for studio &joy products thus helping the employees to integrate into the community both socially and economically
Studio &Joy website

Ezer Mizion

Ezer Mizion is Israel’s largest medical support organization. It provides medical assistance and support to patients and their families, the elderly, the needy and people in various crisis situations in order to help them overcome the difficulties and obstacles they face. In 1998, Ezer Mizion established the National Bone Marrow Donor Database to help cancer patients and other serious illnesses find a bone marrow donor for transplantation, thus saving their lives. Jafora Tavori contributes to funding matching tests.
Ezer Mizion website

Or yarok

Or Yarok was established in 1997 in recognition of the supreme importance of uncompromising struggle against traffic accidents and the importance of community involvement. The organization’s stated goal is to minimize as many as possible the number of casualties in road accidents and to influence the change in the driving culture in Israel. Among other things, the organization runs a national program “Road Safety as a Way of Life” to train children in kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Jafora Tavori funds mentors and thus attempts to influence the change in the driving culture and to minimize the number of casualties in road accidents.
Or Yarok website

Tair Center for Victims of Sexual Assault

TAYER has been operating since 1998 to provide assistance and support to victims of sexual assault and raise awareness, education and information on sexual violence. The center is located and operates in the expanded Shfela area, serving about one million residents. The Center provides support and assistance to victims of sexual assault, facilitates and improves the existing responses to victims and victims of sexual assault, raises awareness and prevents sexual violence. Jafora Tavori sponsors workshops for parents on safe and open discourse about sexuality with children and adolescents, and co-sponsors a support group. Jafora also contributes to the Center’s annual event.

Yigal Allon House

Jafora contributes to the “Spring Meeting” project which is a meeting of Arab and Jewish artists of all faiths taking place at Kibbutz Ginosar in Beit Yigal Alon. Yigal Alon founded this meeting for the first time in 1954. The meeting was interrupted with the death of Yigal Allon and was renewed in 2000. Over the years, the artists meet and together create beautiful and colorful works of art. This year, Jafora contributes to a new program that is underway, meetings of Arab and Jewish pensioners. This joint endeavor instills the hope for coexistence, brotherhood and peace between the two peoples.

Eran Association – First aid on the phone

Eran was established in 1971, operates in 12 branches in Israel and provides mental health services on the phone and on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, serving the entire Israeli society in all its components and levels. National importance is also important in emergency and emergency situations, and in times of emergency, Eran is a source of emotional assistance, as well as reference to sources of community assistance Jafora Tavori sponsored the annual fundraising event for Holocaust survivors and IDF soldiers

Donations of company products

Throuout the year, Jafora-Tabori donates company products to various organizations including: IDF units, non profits organizations like “Tair Center” for victims of sexual assault, Women’s Circle, “Maslan”, “Tachlit”, “Leket Israel”, “Tnu Yad Lahaver”, “Safra race”, low-income families and more