Corporate Responsibility

Our employees – committed to one another

We consider our employees our main asset. The company invests heavily in creating a supportive an high quality work environment for its employees and supports the healthcare of our employees and their families.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and challenging work environment for our employees while encouraging teamwork and cooperation.We maintain fair employment, maintain the rights of workers as required by law and agreements. We encourage our employees to new initiatives, originality and creativity for society’s benefit and to achieve our goals.

Commitment to employees

Work environment free of harassment and violence

As part of our company policy and code of ethics, we rule reject behavior that is disturbing or offensive on the part of our employees to one another and to others, such as unacceptable remarks of a sexual nature, ethnic, religious or racial comments or any other type of behavior that might make people uncomfortable. Our policy is to provide our employees of both sexes, a protective working environment free from violence, threats, harassment, sexual or otherwise unpleasant behaviors, to prevent harmful exploitation of authority, and promote gender equality at work. Sexual harassment violates the dignity, privacy ,gender equality, labor relations and work environment and is contrary to company policy. In addition to damage such behaviors caused the work environment, sexual harassment is a criminal offense. Employees are required to adhere to our company policy in this regard by law and regulations.

Welfare policy

Jafora – Tobori practices varied welfare policies, among them: Subsidized vacations for employees their spouses abroad every two years. Family activities during summer. Gifts for holidays and personal events. Subsidized meals. Purchasing company products at special prices. Scholarships. Loans on special terms to employees and more.

Open door policy

The company supports freedom of expression, we maintain an open door policy, listening to one another which allows our employees to raise issues, concerns or problems related to the Company, to direct managers and other managers all the up to the CEO.

Equal employment opportunity

Jafora as a heterogeneous company, employs workers from all sectors and attaches great importance to creating a fair and just company and promote Equal Opportunities. Company policy states to provide an equal opportunity for all employees regarding employment, wage levels, training and development, promotion and other employment conditions. We oppose and reject firmly any manifestation of discrimination with regard to employment of employees, on the basis of religion, race, gender, national background, origin, age, disability, status of military service, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. and constantly work to provide equal employment opportunities.


As part of our responsibility towards our employees and their families, Jafora – Tabori works to create a safe working environment. During work hours, employees must follow all health and safety procedures .


Out of commitment to our employees and their families, Jafora provides a special group medical insurance policy to employees and their families. The policy covers a wide variety of issues and contributes to the sense of security and tranquility of the employees.

How we look

A main component of our personal behavior code is how we look in the eyes of our customers, guests and co-workers. We believe that proper attire conveys professionalism and a serious concept of the workplace, but above all it serves to create a pleasant working environment.

Jafora – Tobari ethical code

We at Jafora – Tabori are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity while ensuring high levels of ethical and legal behavior. We believe that ethical behavior should be consistent and uncompromising and lead to long-term relationship of trust between the company and the employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and business partners. The purpose of this Code is to promote a culture of honesty, integrity and respect for the law and the people we come into contact as part of our work.
Our Code of Ethics is our compass and conscience,and is designed to help us choose the proper course of action. It sharpens and highlights for us how we should act when we encounter a dilemma during work.


As a leader in the beverage industry in Israel, Jafora – Tabori sees sustainability as an utmost important value, and recognizes its own responsibility to promote a healthy and greener environment.
Jafora Tabori invests considerable resources and efforts in a variety of areas in order to lead and set an example in sustainability practices.

The company continually operates to improve its environmental management system, to prevent pollution and comply with all requirements of the law.
In 2002, a preliminary environmental survey was conducted and the company was certified to the Israeli ISO 14001.
As part of our quality policy, the management have sets clear goals and plant activity is regularly tested against the set objectives.
With the help of an outside consulting firm we intent to improve sustainability processes, and place the company upfront by using the latest technology called BAT – BEST AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY.

social responsibility

Quality and excellence are our core values. These values are reflected in our commitment to society and the community, and are expressed in social projects within our close community and wider society. Yafora attaches great importance to empowering the future generation, children and youth, and aims to advance education and empowerment for youth and children with special needs. 
We consider our employees our main asset. The company invests heavily in creating a quality work environment for its employees and takes care of the health and welfare of our workers and their families. Yafora is a heterogeneous company which employs workers from diverse communities, and priorotizes the creatiom of an equal opportunity work environment. Yafora is active in many social ventures that seek to reconcile differences and advance cooperation between communities.
The Council for a Beautiful Israel awarded Yafora – Tabori the Award for Excellence for Community Involvement and Contribution. Each year, the company receives a certificate for the care and preservation of the environment.

To give to others – is to give to yourself